How to Create a Burger Poster Design in GIMP

Today we will create Burger poster using GIMP.

What you will learn

  • How to use curves
  • How to add Text
  • How to shearing object with Shear Tools
  • How to change background color with Layer Mode

Tutorial Steps

Step 1

Create an A4 poster size in File > New and choose the A4 Template.


Step 2

And bring up the wall texture in File > Open as Layers. Press Shift+S to scale it up and hold Ctrl+Shift while scaling to make a proportional scale.


Step 3

Create a new layer for the color that we want to change (#aei1d0e) then change the layer mode to Burn and reduce the opacity. With Bucket Fill Tool (Shift+B) and click on the canvas.


Step 4

Bring the burger png in File > Open as Layers and choose the images. Press Shift+S to scale it up.

Step 5

Adjust the Levels to change the contrast in Colors > Levels.


Step 6

Add the fire png in File > Open as Layers then place the layer below the burger.


Duplicate more fire and place to the right and left sides.

Step 7

Add the lens flare png in File > Open as Layers then Adjust the curves to make it white.




Step 8

Create a text with Text Tool (T) you can adjust the spacing to make it close between the “Burger” and “House” text.


Make a shearing with Shear Tool (Shift+H) then just drag to the top. Add more text to the top and the bottom of the poster.




Step 9

Add the brush stroke png in File > Open as Layers then place it below the text.


Step 10

Now this time, change the color by right click on the brush stroke png >Alpha to Selection. It will make a selection.


While in the selection, change the foreground to red color (#2d0804) then go to Edit > Fill with FG Color.


Step 11

Add another brush stroke to bottom text in File > Open as Layers. you can press Shift+S to do scaling.

Change the color in Step 10 method.


Your Burger is Ready!

That’s it, in this tutorial you will learn how to make a food poster design in GIMP. You can create more food posters with this tutorial!

Tutorial Assets


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