How to Create Dynamic Wave Line in Inkscape

Hello In this tutorial, we will create wave ripple styles using interpolate with Inkscape and neon color gradient.

What you will learn

  • How to use bezier tool
  • How to use clipping mask
  • How to use the Interpolate extensions
  • How to use gradient tool

Tutorial Steps

Step 1

Create a background with the rectangle tool; make sure to turn on the toggle snapping and snap to the page border. It will allow you to auto-fitting the rectangle when you drag it to the canvas. with Dropper Tool (D) change the color to Persian Indigo (#3a0473ff) in Fill and Stroke Menu (Shift+Ctrl+F)


Step 2

Create a shape with Bezier tool (B).


Duplicate the shape with Ctrl+D, then hold Ctrl+Shift and scale it up. Change the stroke style to 1px.


For the inner shape, change the stroke style to 13px.


Step 3

Now we will use the Interpolate Extensions, Select the inner object first by holding Shift, then click, and the outer object with Shift and click. In Extensions menu > Generate from path > Interpolate.


You can try to increase the interpolation steps and active the Live preview to see the result:
Don’t forget to delete the previous path. (the two shapes before we are doing the interpolate)


Step 4

Before using the gradient, ungroup the shape by right click > Ungroup. Then convert the Stroke to the Path by going to Path> Stroke to Path.


Then group again by selecting all then right click > Group.


Step 5

With Gradient Tool, drag to the shape, and change the top nodes color by double click and change the color to Pacific Blue #2babbff.


You can add the more gradient nodes by double clicking when the plus (+) icon appear. change the mid nodes color to Yellow (#ffff00ff) and for the bottom nodes to Magenta (#ff00ffff).


You can add more element like the text and a clipping mask.



That’s how you can use the Interpolate extension in Inkscape by selecting two path then create an Interpolate Effects.

Tutorial Assest

Roboto Fonts

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