How to Create Paper Cut Out Banner Design in Inkscape

In this tutorial, we will create a paper cut out banner design in Inkscape with shapes and the drop shadows as the key for creating paper cut out object look likes.

What you will learn

  • How to use bezier tool
  • How to use dropper tool
  • How to create a drop shadow effect
  • How to create a background with Rectangle Tool
  • How to create a Clipping Mask

Tutorial Steps

Step 1

Create a new background with Rectangle Tool (R) and change the color to green color with Dropper Tool (D) (#01eb04ff).


Step 2

Draw a liquid shape with Bezier Tool (B).


Then duplicate the background, press Ctrl+D, and hold Shift to select the object. Also, create a clipping mask by right click > Set Clip.


Create more shape then make a clipping mask like this:

Step 3

Add color to shape with Dropper Tool (D).


Remove the Stroke by selecting all shape then in the stroke option, on the left corner screen, right-click > Remove Stroke.


Add a drop shadow effect by selecting all the shapes, then go into Filters > Shadows and Glows > Drop Shadow. Change the Shadow type to Inner.


Step 4

Add more shape with Bezier Tool (B).


And create a drop shadow to the shapes with Outer Shadow type.



Easy, right? The key of this tutorial is the drop shadow to make the papercut effects look. Thanks for reading!


Tutorial Assets

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