How to Create a Typography Logo – Granola in Inkscape

Hello! In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a captivating typography logo for a food brand concept using Inkscape. We will explore the technique of incorporating gradients to enhance its visual appeal and make it truly stand out.

How to use Text Glyphs

Open the start menu and type “Character Map” to view the character with any installed fonts.


Character Map > Find the Font name > Search for “Private Use Area”


Character Map > Find the Font name > Group by : Unicode Subrange > “Private Use Character

Or see this video (Credits to The Artful Owl):
How to use text glyphs in Inkscape for Windows User

What you will learn

  • How to add text in Inkscape
  • How to use gradient tool in Inkscape
  • How to stroke with gradient in Inkscape
  • How to use character map
  • How to rotate object in Inkscape
  • How to skew object in Inkcape
  • How to use drop shadow filters in Inkscape

Tutorial Assets

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