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How to Create Stunning Album Cover Design in GIMP

Create an urban cover art design with GIMP inspired by the streetwear design concept. In this tutorial, we are going to put some elements like text, texture, and torn effect. What you will learn Moving, Scaling and Rotating Object Adding…

How to Create Avatar on Inkscape


In this tutorial, we will create a flat line avatar design from the photo with Inkscape 1.0. This style was inspired from Flat line Avatar from Fiverr; you can see similar avatar designs like this. It’s easy to make it,…

Gimp Tutorial Creative Collage Effect

Collage Effect

Hi everyone and welcome! in today’s tutorial we are going to create collage effect in gimp 2.10.20. by using the Rectangle tool, you can make the collage gap with it. What you will learn Moving and Scaling Object Linking the…

Gimp Tutorial Pixel Stretch Effect

Pixel Stretch

In this tutorial, we are going to make Pixel Stretch effect using gimp 2.10.20. Important Note: If you find the Pixel Stretch not on the right transparency, On minutes 3:19, After Scaling the Pixel Stretch layer, to make it clear,…