Inkscape Tutorial Create Flat Avatar Design from Photo

In this tutorial, we will create a flat line avatar design from the photo with Inkscape 1.0. This style was inspired from Flat line Avatar from Fiverr; you can see similar avatar designs like this. It’s easy to make it, first import the photo, then trace it with the bezier tool, and while using the bezier tool, follow the face shape and the half body and increase the stroke width.

What you will learn

  • Moving, Scaling, Duplicating and Rotating Object
  • Making Cutted Line Effect
  • Using Interpolate
  • Select the same properties object with the “Select Same.”
  • Changing Color with the Dropper Tool
  • Using the Bezier Tool
  • Locking the Corner
  • Creating New Layer
  • Moving to Layer
  • Locking the Layer
  • Swapping Fill and Stroke
  • Using Path Effects
  • Make a Clipping Mask’

Tutorial Steps

Active Bezier tool by pressing B or Shift+F6 and follow the main shape of the picture.

Bezier tool Shortcuts in Inkscape

After that, in Fill and Stroke properties, on the stroke style tab, change the width by 4px, and click the cap in the middle to round it.

Fill and Stroke Properties

And change the color for the eyebrows, eye, hair, and the beard. it should be like this :

Temporary Result

Final Step, make the cut line effect by clicking Edit paths by Nodes, then double click on the line to add the nodes to select two nodes and click delete segment.

Making Cutted Line Effect

Continue to make the cut line effect to the hair and the beard. Give some background and outer stroke for finishing.

Avatar Final Result

Thats it, now you can create your avatar with Inkscape!

Tutorial Assets



  1. When I change the stroke width larger, my strokes are trimmed by outside selection area and looks it’s been cut. How can I fix that? Btw nice tutorial!

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