How to Install Fonts in Linux

Font is one of asset to work. You can install font with Font Manager one by one (you can find it in AUR). Click the fonts > Install Font.

Font Manager
Font Manager

But, if you have 300 fonts you have downloaded in a folder, do you still install it one by one? I hope you don’t do that.

Let me show you how to install all of your fonts in less a minute using the terminal command.

Create a Directory

First, make a Truetype folder for the font file with .ttf extension — the Opentype folder for the font file with .otf extension.

sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype
sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/opentype
Create font directory
Create font directory

Copy Fonts to Directory

Next, copy all the font to the directory.

Important : Make sure all your downloaded fonts in one root folder, no subfolder.

sudo cp /path/to/fonts/*.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype
sudo cp /path/to/fonts/*.otf /usr/share/fonts/opentype
Copy font to directory
Copy font to directory

Refresh font cache

To refresh the font cache of the directory, type this command. The font should display in your system.

sudo fc-cache -fv
Refresh font Cache
Refresh font Cache

That is a fast way to install font less in a minute in Linux. Enjoy your new font that available on the system!

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