How to Create Vector Portrait Illustration in Inkscape

In this tutorial, we are going to create vector portrait illustrations from reference images using the bezier tool and step-by-step explanation. To create the face shape, eyes, lips, and hair and add some shading to bring more realism.

What you will learn

  • Importing Images
  • Locking the Layer
  • Rounding the corners with path effect
  • Using Bezier Tool
  • Locking the Corner with Bezier tool
  • Make a Clipping Mask
  • Making the Outline

Tutorial Assets


  1. I learned a lot from one single tutorial from you. Thanks a lot. One question though, Where do I find the “locking corners with bezier tool” tutorial?

    Keep it up and rolling

  2. Thank you sir for this tutorial and the assets however please provide the color codes if possible here

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