Inkscape Tutorial Create WPAP Pop Art

Hi everyone, how is it going in today’s tutorial We were going to create the WPAP art, which is a standout for Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait With Tracing Methods. What you will learn Create Straight Line with no Curves with bezier tool…

How to Create Stunning Album Cover Design in GIMP

Hello everyone! In this tutorial we are going to create an album cover design with Urban Style concept using text effect and many element this in GIMP. What you will learn Moving, Scaling and Rotating Object Adding Texture Creating Stroked Text Effect…

How to Create a Chill Coffee Poster Design in GIMP

Hi everyone! in today’s tutorial, we will create a coffee poster design in GIMP. Using the perspective tool to create the wooden floor looks and floral texture for the background. You will also learn how to create a gradient text in GIMP.…
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